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A transformative group coaching experience

With clinical life coach Mollie Birney.

Let’s unpack the noise in your head.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

Your life has turned
upside down, and you don’t know how to move forward.

You’re thinking about making a big transition, but you’re not sure where to begin.

You’ve done some self work, but you’re ready to go deeper and feel its effect on your life.

We all know what it’s like to think to yourself:

“If I could change this one thing my life would be so much better.”

But... would it?

It’s easy to see the big problems in our lives as the source of our discontent. But what we often miss are the small patterns that make the big problems not just possible, but probable.

A promotion won’t change your overthinking. A new romantic partner won’t change your relationship with your own self-worth. And becoming successful isn’t going to make you feel miraculously fulfilled.

The truth is, the problem isn’t the problem, your relationship to the problem is the problem.

If you want to change your life,
you need to start by changing your mind.



Group coaching doesn’t mean journaling about vague advice that can apply to everyone. This is deeply personal 1-on-1 coaching, delivered in a group setting. I’ll take turns going deep with everyone, I’ll tell you the hard truths, and I’ll call you on your bullshit when it’s what you need to hear.

Real connection

Some of your biggest “aha” moments will come when you’re not the one in the hot seat. Being present for the deep work and progress of others creates a group alchemy where you actively transform together — often even more rapidly than in private coaching. There’s no hiding here.

Real change

You’ll leave group coaching with the same problems you came in with, but they won’t feel like problems anymore. Because when you have the clarity of deep perspective shifts and actionable tools, you’ll see endless possibilities ahead. Get excited to ask yourself, “What’s next?”


Six 90-minute coaching sessions
held online once a week for 6 weeks

1-on-1 coaching in community
led by clinical life coach Mollie Birney

Intentionally small groups
where everyone has a chance to participate

Group reflections in a private Facebook Group
for perspective shifts and deep validation

Heightened accountability
for more rapid growth in real-time

Insight on the coaching process
to fundamentally change how you think

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Fall Living Room Session Dates
November 7th to December 12th

FAQ’s About the living room

The next Living Room Sessions is TBA.

Yes! The Living Room Sessions happen live over Zoom, so you can comfortably join from anywhere. Sweatpants welcome.

Yes. The value of group coaching comes from the ability to get personal, directive feedback in an intimate group setting. Obviously, you will not spend the whole 6 weeks in the hot seat. But the time you spend watching others dive into their work will be just as informative as the time you spend being coached yourself.

This work requires a certain amount of vulnerability, and your willingness to share openly is a valuable contribution. If you’re looking for gentle healing in a more intimate space, private or group therapy is a better place to start. But if you love deep conversations, if you value communal critical thinking, and if you’re hungry for personal growth? Come on in.

It’s simple. The homework is this work. You won’t have tasks to complete, there are no worksheets here, but you’ll receive personal coaching to integrate between sessions. The intention of this work is to allow it to start shaping the way you live your life and act on your learning in real-time.

Because groups are small and intimate, it always changes the chemistry of a group if a member is absent. For your own benefit and the benefit of the group, try to attend every session! That said, if you need to miss a session for any reason, just let me know in advance. Know that you will not be reimbursed for missed sessions, and sessions are not recorded for the sake of privacy.

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