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How to Break a Habit


Join me for an in-depth workshop on how to change your relationship to the patterns that no longer serve you so you can live with more intention and agency.

Whether you’re stuck in a compulsive habit (vaping, bingeing scrolling etc.), a slave to an adaptive behavior that’s no longer working (people-pleasing, perfectionism etc.) or trapped in a self-destructive pattern (secret-keeping, abusive self-talk etc.), this workshop is for folks who are ready to make a different choice.

Through fast-paced dialogue and coaching exercises we’ll lay the motivational groundwork for making your shift, explore the two crucial ingredients for behavioral change that most people overlook, and arm you with practical tools for navigating that pivotal decision moment.

It’s time to reclaim the dignity of choice. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, lets get you the tools for getting unstuck!

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